Star: Bobbi

Naughty Slumber Party (disc)
Naughty Slumber Party (disc)
Release Date: 1/1/2006
Manufacturer: Al Borda Video
Director: Al Borda
Stars: Alexis Amore | Bobbi | Chandler | Charlie | Kaylynn | Kelsey Heart | Mia Smiles | Miko Lee | Taylor Moore
Description: Usually when girls get together for a slumber party, they sit around bullsh*tting and hopefully when they fall asleep they dream about getting sex. That's not how it works when my girls get together. My girls are sluts, whores, assf*ckers and c*ntlickers and they're having a naughty slumber party and you and your hard-on are invited to watch. These bitches reach right in with both hands and stretch p*ssy lips until you think something will snap. Believe me, a lot of fingers, tongues, and c*ck-shaped rubber gets lost in the ooze. This video contains absolutely no scenes of sleeping. Dreaming about sex is a waste of time. Good Beating, Al Borda.